Aug 1-4  OR

Tomorrow is Thursday Early Entry!
Pickathon 2018 Merch! Photo by Tim LaBarge
Tomorrow is Thursday Early Entry!

Happy August 1st! We can’t believe how quickly the summertime is flowing by, but hot damn are we happy that Pickathon 2018 is here. If you’ve been to Pickathon before, you know that Thursday Early Entry is the jam. Get a primo camping spot, catch a sneak peak of artist performances – it’s the way to go. […]

Welcome to Pickathon: Awareness & Guidelines

Pickathon is one of the most family-friendly & community oriented festivals around. We work hard to ensure your festival experience is easy-breezy, but we need your participation! Below we have included a lot of details that you may or may not know, with a few new details to be aware of like Hazard Trees & […]

EcoShuttle is Back!

TAKE THE ECOSHUTTLE TO PICKATHON Carless, bike-less, feel like carpooling with friends? Take the EcoShuttle to your best Pickathon weekend yet! It’s free and we’re super stoked to offer this alternate to driving out to Pickathon this year! EcoShuttle schedule: There will be one EcoShuttle transport coach that will continually route between Clackamas Town Center and Pickathon, making […]

TWENTY NINE Days To Pickathon! Who’s Ready?

With TWENTY NINE days remaining until Pickathon 2018, it is now the time to start making those daily plans… When to arrive, where to camp, and what shows to hit on that first day of the weekend? Everyone here at Pickathon is looking forward to celebrating our 20th year with you, our community & closest friends. […]


Our 20th Annual Pickathon kicks off in SIX SHORT WEEKS! Tickets for this year are moving fast with little room for availability at the gate – don’t miss your chance to join us for the best weekend of the year. As our first ‘official’ day, the Friday of this years Pickathon has some pretty large […]

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