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     Thu. Apr 22, 2010
Pendarvis Farm work party this weekend
By Pickathon   As many of our friends who have come out to Pickathon and enjoyed the camping and hiking know, there are constant changes and improvements that take place out at Pendarvis Farm. Slow and steady there has been a common goal with helping the land rehabilitate itself and accommodate the many guests it sees that one time a year during Pickathon.

Primarily this effort has been at the hand of the 'Pendarvis Farm Work Party' that has been continually organized on a near twice a month basis. There is an amazing crew that makes this happen and we always welcome anyone else who would like to be involved.

Here's what you do if thinking the Work Party is for you:

If on facebook, find the event: Pickathon Work Party #5!!! (Sat. 4/24 & Sun. 4/25)

If not on facebook, email Elwood the old fashioned way and get the scoop:
elwood AT pickthon . com

Oh yes, and happy earth day.


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