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This weeks roundup.
Tuesday April 15, 2008

Once again finding myself sorting through another week. Last time around, which was over a week ago there was an attempt at some sort of consistency, a visual rhythm for all who check up on us from day to day. Well, one week and one day later I find yet another attempt at this daily dose.
It was a busy week, most of which for me was spent out on the highways of Montana, Wyoming and Colorado – they call this family time. It was dry, windy, and only yesterday did we see temps in the 80’s, which today is most visible on my little red-faced child. This is not the point of this here post, just a segue for all things upcoming.
We had a heck of a time with the Avett Brothers this past week during our sold-out show @ the Crystal Ballroom, all 1500 of you crammed into the legendary room and made for a memorable evening. Plus, we got a sneak peek of rising star Jessica Lea Mayfield, which we are pleased to have at Pickathon for the first time this year. Coming up we have a full week of all things environment, heading into our favorite holiday – Earth Day. Personally, I feel it being most important to look at ourselves and make changes within our daily routine. Maybe driving less, using less plastic, reusing the plastic we do use, planting a few trees, switching over to an organic diet…whatever it may be I feel it’s most important to focus in on the smaller scale and look out from there. Encompassing the “think locally, act globally” idea. Embrace it, and tell your friends. For Pickathon, we are working hard on all things solar for 2008, and you can expect a bigger and better woods stage (which in 2007 was Sun-Powered), more demonstration, more education, and overall more utilization, which eventually we are confident can lead to a all solar event.
And what about tickets? Our Early-Bird Tickets are very close to being gone (fewer than 30 remain), and I can now say that May 1st will be the final day that they will be available. From there the price of the weekend ticket will be $110, which we call “Pre-Gate”. Also, on that May 1st date we will begin to sell day tickets and daily parking passes. Of course if you are still on the fence, consider this a gentle nudge, as it will not be the same without you. There are still a few remaining lineup additions, which I am hoping to post later this week. And we are beginning to debut videos from the 2007 festival. This one here, which is from the “King of Country” is a recent favorite. Although Dale and band will not be with us for 2008, we can expect to see him again in the coming years, and look for him on the 2007 Pickathon CD which will be available at this years event.
O.K. I said it all, be kind to the environment, buy your tickets, join the email list (next newsletter will go out next week), and please….tell your friends. oh, and here’s the country.
Dale Watson – Whiskey or God

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