Aug 1-4


Sluice is the songwriting project of Durham based musician/engineer/carpenter Justin Morris. ‘Radial Gate’, the second release as Sluice, features a wide collection of North Carolina folk, experimental, and indie talent including Avery Sullivan (Fust, Indigo De Souza), Oliver Child-Lanning (Weirs), Luke Norton (HC McEntire, Angel Olsen), Frank Meadows (Tomberlin, Bellows), Natalie King (Toss), and Emma Geiger to name a few. ‘Radial Gate’ continues the Sluice theme of nature’s intersection with industry, and lyrically explores ideas of isolation and depression giving way to community and personal growth. ‘Could you pass me a beer, oh no it fell in the river. Hey man that’s all right, goodnight.’ | Instagram

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