Aug 1-4  OR

The Altons
The Altons

The Altons have been an active band for the last couple of years, quickly gaining notoriety for encapsulating the essence of a Los Angeles that exists because of its raspy, strikingly honest, genre-bending forbearers. Their sound blends soulful vocal harmonies with guitar- driven rhythms, layered on top of a rhythmic drum and bass bond that vibrates the heart and soul.
Their shared experience growing up all over LA coalesces into a unique sound that is easily heard on their debut album “In the Meantime” which focuses the band’s soulful rock sound into a cinematic sunset daydream. In addition to their debut album, they’ve also released a trio of 7″ singles on the Daptone imprint, Penrose Records. Evocative of the chicano soul sound from the 60’s and 70’s, these singles (and upcoming recordings) are unique in the Penrose catalog as they are indicative of The Altons ability to bend definitions and ignore the confines of genre. | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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