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Small Paul
Small Paul

Small Paul was born in a Seattle basement In the early days of COVID as a happy accident between housemates Kevin Murphy from The Moondoggies, Chris King and Malcolm Roberts from Chris King & The Gutterballs with Seth McDonald from All Star Opera. 
 What started out as casual music chairs between friends overtime blossomed into a four headed creative monster. During the long strange days of quarantine the project’s ease and freedom allowed for productive hours of symbiotic collaboration and summoning songs for strange times. 
 The Four songs from Small Paul’s debut “Strangeland” reflect ideas of traveling forward, movement and self reflection.The images of the road that rolls under us as we push ahead through grief,change,isolation, and the passing of time and people. 
 The EP at its core captures the band playing together live.Kevin and Chris trade lead vocal and drum/guitar duties, with Malcolm contributing backing vocals for Small Paul’s three part harmonies as well as bass and Seth coloring the songs with keys. 
 ‘Strangeland’ EP, is mixed by Seattle veteran, Erik Blood (Shabazz Palaces, The Moondoggies), and recorded by Bradford Button at Barndoor studio.

The band is set to release their debut full length album in July 2023. | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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